For transforming the huge population into skilled human resources the Bangladesh government strengthened National Skills Development Council (NSDC) and adopted National Skills Development Policy. National Skills Development Council Secretariat had been established to implement the decisions of the council as well as the National Skills Development Policy. Our target is to convert every person of our country into a skilled one for any job so that we can successfully overcome the challenges of changing situations like technological change, flourishing economy, environmental changes in national and international arena. We are not only thinking about our local labour market but also emphasizing on the demand of the global labour market.

In the fourth meeting on 5 October 2016 NSDC gave directives to develop skills to the international level. Besides this, directive came to take part in the World Skills Competition to be held in Kazan, Russia in August 2019.

8 (Eight) competitors from Bangladesh will participate in the 45th World Skills Competition. Among them there will be skilled fashion designer, skilled software developer, skilled web designer, skilled network cabling worker, skilled cook, skilled baker, skilled restaurant service person, skilled patisserie and confectionery employee.

Like other participating country Bangladesh needs own Logo for branding this competition. On 17 September 2018 Hon’ble Prime Minister unveiled the “World Skills Bangladesh” Logo for branding Bangladesh just before the inception of the Cabinet meeting.

From now on Bangladesh will organize skills competition regularly to speed up the skills development programmes through recognizing skilled people working in different jobs.