About NSDC Secretariat

NSDC Secretariat formed in order to provide secretarial assistance to NSDC and ECNSDC for implementing their directives and coordinating and communicating among the concerned stakeholders for implementing National Skills development Policy NSDP-2011, preparing and implementing action plan. Its official inception started on 20 July, 2011 headed by chief executive officer (CEO). To organizing Skills Development System in a unique form, former National Council for Skill Development and Training reformed to National Skills Development Council (NSDC) consisting of 37 members. To implement the Terms of Reference of this council an executive committee of National Skills Development Council (ECNSDC) had been formed consisting of 18 members. Secretary from both Ministry of Labour and Employment and Ministry of Education are the Co-Chairperson of ECNSDC and Mr. Salahuddin Kashem Khan, Chairman, Chittagong Steel Development Center is the Co-Chairperson of ECNSDC representing the private sector. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NSDC Secretariat, Ministry of Labour and Employment is the member secretary of this committee.